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  • General affairs of the university
  • Handling grievance cases submitted to Office of the President
  • Modification and revision of the president’s, CEO’s and the vice presidents’ documents and letters
  • Checking and verifying of important letters, confidential official documents, phone calls and the president’s social documents
  • Arranging strategic meetings:  such as School Affairs Meetings, Administration Affairs Meetings, School Faculty Meetings, Administrators’ Meetings, Committee of the internal control system promotion and Laws and Regulations Meetings.
  • Preparing, editing, and regularly checking for projects and programs.
  • Collecting educational regulations; providing assistance to revise and  compile the university bylaws.
  • Public relations, such as receiving foreign and local guests, contacting the media and producing news releases.
  • Classification, distribution, and revision for official documents
  • Writing, conducting, and releasing school documents and announcements.
  • Reporting to school information management system.
  • Integrating and filling out the information of the funds for the development of private technology universities
  • Executing risk assessment, internal control and self-assessment.
  • Making auditing plan and operations by internal auditing group.
  • Communication and coordination between administrative units.